27 March 2018

My favourite thing about awards season HAS to be the red carpet right? I mean, I haven’t even seen half the movies - haha!

This year was no exception; there were some spectacular looks on the red carpet, and even though I’m not normally a fan of the ‘celebrity get the look’, I wanted to show you a few ways you can get inspiration from some of the gorgeous celebrity looks on the read carpet and work them into your everyday style.

You don’t have to copy an outfit exactly (or even be going to a red carpet event) to draw some inspiration from what all our favourite stars wear on the read carpet, so here are three of my favourite red carpet looks from this awards season, then how to get some everyday style inspo from all the gorgeous local retailers in-centre!

LOOK #1: Jennfer Garner wearing Atilier Versace at The Acadamy Awards

This colour is just incredible. We saw quite a bit of it through summer (along with lots of other brights) but why not be bold and make it part of your autumn everyday style too?!

Portmans earrings $24.95 | Jacqui E blouse $69.95 | Merchant 1948 heels $69 (on sale)

LOOK #2: Alison Brie wearing Vassilis Zoulias at The Golden Globes

I LOVE this look of pants under a dress, and it’s not as uncommon as you think on the red carpet.

But what can we take from this look into our eveyday style? Try the sleek combination of a cigarette length, ankle cropping pant, with a pointed shoe (flat or heel is fine) to elongate your leg.

These Max pants are the MOST versatile pant you’ll ever get your hands on. They have structure, but stretch, and you can pretty wear them anywhere – work or play.

What to wear on top? Pretty much anything goes with this classic look so wear something that reflects your own personal style.

Max “skinny minnie” black stretch pants $79.99 | Merchant 1894 “Dado” low heels in black suede $209.90

LOOK #3: Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior at The Academy Awards

Who says metallics are just for special occasions? One of THE easiest ways to dress up any daytime look is to add a little bling.

It can be as subtle as a gold nail poilsh, or you can be bold and go for a sequin jacket!

Have some fun with the daytime bling, you won’t regret it.

Whistle “Eze” metallic tote from Farmers $199.99 | Lovisa metallic tassel drop earrings $19.99 | O.P.I “Up Front & Personal” gold nail polish from Life Pharmacy $19.95 | Pagani chiffon sequin front tee $49.99

So even though sometimes we don’t feel like we can relate to celebrities and their red carpet style, you can actually take inspiration from them for your everyday style, you  just need to think outside the box a little.

Until next time, happy shopping!

Cait xoxo