Parking at The Plaza

There are two carparks at The Plaza.

Carpark One can be accessed from:
Fitzherbert Street
Ferguson Street
Ashley Street

Carpark Two can be accessed from:
Princess St
Donnington St
Ashley St

Both are multi-level carparks with undercover parking. Mobility parks available.


0- 30 minutes FREE
30-60 minutes FREE
1.0-1.5 hours $2.50
1.5-2.0 hours $4.50
2.0-2.5 hours $5.00
2.5-3.0 hours $5.50
3.0-3.5 hours $6.00
3.5-4.0 hours $6.50

Thereafter the fee will increase by 50 cents per half hour up to 10 hours.

10+ hours $12.50
Lost tickets $12.50

Good tip – In busy periods such as weekends and Christmas, opt for Carpark two as it is not generally as busy.