10 January 2020

Linen is one of those fabrics that has always stood the test of time. It’s classic, and does have a place in everyone’s wardrobe.

And yes, sometimes it has a reputation as being high maintenance. The reality is, it’s not as challenging as you may believe.

In fact, linen has been around as a fabric for thousands of years, long before dry cleaners existed! This natural, simple fabric is quite easy to maintain.

It’s also the perfect outfit to wear to an outdoor party whether it’s lawn bowls or croquet.

Linen clothing hanging on a washing line - love your linen this summer


Here’s a rundown on how linen can work in your wardrobe, and simple tips on how to care for it…PLUS some fab new linen pieces you can get your hands on from THE PLAZA right NOW.

You dont have to dry clean linen! A gentle machine clean is fine, except if you’re dealing with a more structured garment like a suit or blazer. This relates more to the construction, than the fabric.

So HOW do I wash linen? A gentle machine wash on a low temp is your best bet. Linen is a fabric that will soften and relax the more it’s washed. A cool tumble dry might even be suitable, yet make sure you check on the actual garment care label to be sure.

Do I need to iron my linen? Ahhh the age-old debate! It’s really up to you! As linen ages, it will become softer and the creases and lines will give it character. BUT if you do love to iron, then a medium-hot setting on the reverse side (especially if it’s a dark linen) will do.

It also helps if you hang to dry, or dry flat to stop washing line creases.

Here are some of my linen fave pieces from THE PLAZA to add to your summer wardrobe…

Linen fashion


THE PLAZA: Max linen cami | Dotti linen blend dress | Kmart linen blend skirt | Hannahs linen trainers | Postie linen blend romper

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Until Next Time, Happy Shopping!
Cait xoxo

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