02 August 2016

From the best-formed beards, to how to style that 'do', men are using their facial hair and head hair as an important addition to their signature style. Here are a just a handful of the hottest beauty trends that you can pass on to the man in your life.


If you love to rock a beard embrace it to the fullest.

Long, thick and impressive beards are still very much ‘in’ this season.  The key to pulling off the trend is to not hold back.  Incorporate the moustache and sideburns into your beard for a thick and full look.


Always a winner.  The ‘James Dean’ quiff just got a reboot!

The key to a retro quiff is to add ‘all-important’ height through the roots while pulling back the fringe.  To give the appearance of extra volume on top, go for a shorter look on both the back and sides.  This is also a great way to ‘quietly’ reference the look without having to over-exaggerate up top.


Naturally curly hair is slicked back with a wet-look finish.

If the idea of straightening your hair is a step too far, you’ll be pleased to know that curly quiffs a.k.a the curly top is a stylish alternative.  Think just showered curls which have been locked into that wet-look with a curl cream.  Slick backed sides left texturED on top make for a winning combination.


Simple and sophisticated.

A simple side-part can give a messy look more edge and can make a straight look more sophisticated.  Slick side parts are the perfect pairing with a v-neck knit and chinos while a messy side part looks great styled with aviators and leathers.

Match one of the above style with the perfect product, here are some great ideas:

a/ Hair clay from Hallenstein Brothers, b/ Shaving lotion from Farmers, c/ Shaving cream from Farmers, e/ Exfoliator from Farmers, f/ Mirror from Farmers, g/ Shaver from Farmers, i/ Shaver from Farmers, j/ Comb from Hallenstein Brothers, k/ Shaving cream from Farmers.