29 August 2019

Don’t you find that at the end of sinter, your handbag is full of random stuff like gum wrappers, tissues, broken earbuds and used post-it notes? Mine is! So I’m especially looking forward to spring cleaning my bag…better yet, I think I’ll treat myself to a new one. Who’s with me?

Woman emptying her handbag, ready for a spring clean


Once I find a handbag I love, I wear it to the bone! It becomes my constant companion from the movies, to a live gig, to a day at the markets, then to work…it GETS a workout. So when I finally condone to welcome a new friend, I’m picky. My handbag says a lot about me. It’s an extension of my personality. So I like it to have heaps of character (hahaha…get it?)!

So spring is the perfect time for me to find a lighter, brighter bag. And it becomes an adventure. Who do I want to be this season — will I picture myself on long picnics (so a floral bag would be perfect) or lounging on a yacht (a nautical inspired bag would fit the bill)? Or maybe I want to swing into spring with a neutral bag so I can dress it up or down with a brooch or scarf…then I can be an international woman of mystery!

Which ever way I go, here are some great options for me…and  for YOU to find your inspiration this spring.

New handbags this season

Clockwise from top left: Floral print wallet from Pagani; Pronta Moda Spring floral tote from Farmers; Cabrelli crush look crossbody bag from Strandbags; and Striped rope handle bag from Kmart. Middle:  Nude peach Sally hobo slouch bag from Collette Hayman.

Which bag will celebrate you swinging into spring? Happy Shopping!