28 June 2018

It’s school holiday time, and it might be the very best holidays of the entire year! It’s winter, which means it’s time to stay indoors, rug up and have fun! Plus, who said it’s wrong to stay in your pyjamas all day?! We won’t tell if you won’t...

Whether your days are spent venturing out on family activities or spending the time snuggled up in the lounge, we’ve got plenty of ideas how you can make the most of the few weeks’ off school!


It’s raining outside and it’s cold, plus it’s the holidays so it’s time for some treats! If you get stuck in, baking and creating can really take up an entire day, so either try out some fabulous cupcake or cookie recipes or set the littlies to work on helping out with dinner, and if done right, they won’t even realise that they’re doing chores! Just keep those wee fingers away from the chopping board.


Sugar shaker | Piping icing bag | Rolling pin – all from Stevens


The thing that makes the holidays so great is that there’s extra time to play! From games with family and playmates to solo play to keep them entertained for hours, you’ll find everything you need in-centre. We’re loving the new 3D puzzles from Whitcoulls, where you can build your own objects from the ground up!


Harry Potter steel Hogwarts express train from Whitcoulls| PlayDoh Pasta School from Whitcoulls | Crystal castle puzzle from Whitcoulls | Classic Games Compendium from Acquisitions | Deadpool Pop! Vinyl toy from EB Games


Staying home from school’s never been better! When the rain is lashing the windows and the wind is about to blow the windows out, the best way to feel safe and comfortable is by making an epic blanket fort. Trust us – it’s tried and tested – blanket forts are great fun whatever your age, plus if you use Blue-Tac, they won’t damage painted walls. Add some hot, buttery homemade popcorn, stack up some fun cushions, and hang up a moon to create your very own perfect world within.


My Very Own Moon light from Acquisitions | Blue blanket from Farmers | Crocodile and unicorn slippers from Farmers | Emoji cushions from Acquisitions | Popcorn maker from Stevens


When it’s miserable and rainy outside, the best way to escape on an adventure somewhere else is through the pages of a wonderful book. Swap out the textbooks for a great fiction novel – and where better to devour it than from inside the blanket fort?! We love the classics like Black Beauty and Annie – and the kids are missing out if they aren’t reading your favourite classics. Smaller kids might enjoy a fabulous winter-themed picture book, or Goosebumps!


Mindwarp: Aftershock by Chris Archer | Annie by Thomas Meehan | Buried Alive by Jacqueline Wilson | Black Beauty by Anna Sewell | A Boy Called Bat by Elana K Arnold – all from Whitcoulls


There’s no better time to go shopping! Pretend the sun’s shining, it won’t hurt to venture out – plus it’s warm in-centre! The days are long and there are so many new items in childrenswear right now, so if the littlies need a new coat or an outfit for a special occasion, or a trip to the snow, we have it all! Trending for boys in fashion right now are blue hues, oversized knits and tailored chinos. For the adventurous ones, dinosaurs and space-themed clothing are taking the stores by storm! Are you ready for take-off?


Trackies from Postie+ | Star Wars socks from Jay Jays | Long sleeve tee from Postie+ | Jeans from Farmers | Bomber jacket from Farmers | Sneakers from Hannahs


For the little ladies, we love faux fur and blush! Dusty pinks are all the rage for both girls and women, which makes such a nice change from traditional winter monochromes like grey and black. Blush is a classic colour, meaning she will be able to pull it on next year too. Plus, it’s the perfect shade for taking winter fashion to spring later in the year, so you know you’ll get the longevity out of it. Add a little sparkle to her outfit with a fun backpack, clutch or oversized hair bow. Girly girls; come out to play!


Blush coat from Farmers | Pink top from Farmers | Pink skirt from Farmers | Unicorn top from Postie+ | Grey unicorn pants from Postie+ | Pink dress from Postie+ 


A sporty type? The weather outside might not let you do all of your favourites every day, but it’s easy to turn the dining or coffee table into a table tennis court! Hold a match or play with mum and dad for hours to burn some easy energy indoors. For the gaming sorts, EB Games is currently having a huge sale! Get in quick and make the most on sale of a bunch of our favourite games, such as Crash Bandicoot for PS4 and Xbox.


Crash Bandicoot from EB Games | Jurassic World Evolution from EB Games | Skullcandy earphones from JB Hi Fi | Table Tennis from Acquisitions


Going out for a special lunch or treat is so much fun in the school holidays! For treats that won’t break the bank, our top picks are hot chocolates from the cafes and a hot apple pie or hot chocolate sundae from McDonalds. Some chicken nuggets and chips or apple slices, or some fresh chicken teriyaki sushi will not go amiss either. Yum!


Pancakes from Columbus Coffee | Hot chocolate from Graemes | Apple pie and chicken nuggets from McDonalds


Not only do we have great eating places, and a playground, we also have all of your school holiday activities happening right here. Find out more.