From Saturday 3rd December, Santa will be stopping over at The Plaza, before he returns back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

This year, visitors to Santa will receive a unique children’s book developed by Kiwi Property. As a partner to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand we have created “Where’s Hollys Hat” a Christmas story with a difference. This exclusive book tells the story of Holly, the happiest little kākāpo in New Zealand who experiences all kinds of feelings when she loses her special hat and her new bush friends help her to learn how to deal with these feelings.  Learning about emotions and recognising how they affect us is part of developing emotional literacy. By simply naming our emotions we can help them pass more smoothly. As adults, when we model talking about our feelings and are honest about them, we help create a sense of safety and openness for our tamariki to talk about their own feelings, just like Holly does.

If you would like to have a photo with Santa, and receive your FREE copy of ‘Where’s Holly’s Hat’, the team from Scene to Believe will be able to help you.


Walk-ins are still available but are subject to availability on the day. Book now so you aren’t disappointed and to reduce queueing time.

Santa’s hours of residence are:

  • Saturday 02 December: 10am – 5pm
  • Sunday 03 December: 10am -4.30pm
  • Monday 04 December: 10am -2pm
  • Tuesday 05 December: 10am -2pm
  • Wednesday 06 December: 10am -2pm
  • Thursday 07 December: 10am -4pm
  • Friday 08 December: 10am -2pm
  • Saturday 09 December: 9am -5pm
  • Sunday 10 December: 10am -4.30pm
  • Monday 11 December: 10am -3pm
  • Tuesday 12 December: 10am -3pm
  • Wednesday 13 December: 10am -3pm
  • Thursday 14 December: 10am – 5pm
  • Friday 15 December: 10am – 5pm
  • Saturday 16 December: 9am -4.30pm
  • Sunday 17 December: 10am -4.30pm
  • Monday 18 December: 9am -6pm
  • Tuesday 19 December: 9am -6pm
  • Wednesday 20 December: 9am -6pm
  • Thursday 21 December: 9am -8pm
  • Friday 22 December: 9am -8pm
  • Saturday 23 December: 9am -8pm
  • Sunday 24 December: 9am -5.30pm

Pet Photos

This year we are offering pet photos with Santa.

Find out all you need to know here


*Available while stocks last. One book per child.

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